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This is the One and Only Carrot Shrine!!!!!
Cafe: This Shrine was originally suppose to be pink.
Cherry: *Looks up* Really?!
Cafe: *nods* Oh look! I Have a pink crayon...*takes out "Pink Crayola Crayon"*
Cherry: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! PINK!!!!!!!!! *runs away screaming*
Cafe: Me be evil..... *laughs like a nut* BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

Important Update
We're movin!!!!!!! Click on the pic!!!!!!!! If that doesn't work, then just go to this site....
Carrot: Wow! I bet theres some really hot chicks reading this!
Chocolate: Darling! Why worry about other women out there when Im right here?!
Tira: Chocolate! Stop that!!!
Carrot: AHHH!!! T-Tira!!! Ch-Chocolate!!!
Marron: Its okay Niissan. They just came with me to see you actually have a shrine.
Carrot: Whats that suppose to mean?
Gateau: It means that we all have shrines dedicated to us, AND YOU DONT!!
Carrot: Then what the hell is this?!!
Gateau: Oh...Sorry!
Chocolate: Darling! Why dont you come over to my shrine, and I can give you some pure chocolate!
Tira: This is a shrine! Not the back of a Pinto!
Carrot: Get the hell outta my shrine!!
*Everyone leaves with mad faces*
Marron: One cheap shrine, and he thinks hes better than us!
Carrot: GET OUT!!!!

Carrot: *a little cooled off* Anyways, Hello babes!! You probably visited this shrine to look at me! Hey!! Theres a babe over there!
The Babe: Im Caffe Latte. Im the hostess of this shrine. So dont try to hit on me Carrot. Im only doin this for the money.
Carrot: Well see...
What's new!
Okay peeps.....sorry I havent updated in such a long time.....I've kinda been grounded...^_^;;;

Fan Stuff
I accept any Fan Art! No Hentai or sex though! This site is gonna stay PG13!

45198 Girls are Lost in Marron's hair, trying to look for Carrot.

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Kitty Carrot
Lookie! I adopted a Kitty Carrot!! Carrot is a spunkey, lil kitten who is highley atracted to females. (Wiether they're human, or feline.) He really hates anything that has to do with Bongdage. I often find him in my underwear drawer eiter sleeping in it, or playing with my bras...

I don't own sorcerer hunters! Satoru Akahori and Rei Omishi do! I only own Cafe Latte! Please don't sue! I'm poor! $